Caring Minds

Caring Minds

A state-of-the-art centre for mental health care, established under the leadership of Minu Budhia, Caring Minds is a psychological wellness centre that aims to help people who are in need of a guiding hand for their overall emotional well being. A sprawling super-specialty facility that introduces to the community a one-stop solution for all problems related to psychological health, it offers an easily accessible and committed environment for people to consult with a group of experts. Mental health professionals (psychiatrists and RCI registered psychologists) provide expert services for both clinical and non-clinical issues across all age groups – from children to the elderly.

Caring Minds has three wings:

CLINICAL – Counselling based therapies, psychometric assessments, & psychiatric intervention.

AKADEMIA – This wing is a training academy that delivers specific psychology courses.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT – This wing conducts soft skills workshops for schools, corporate, and other socio-cultural organizations

Experts comprise Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Developmental Paediatricians, Neurologists, Speech and Occupational Therapists, Gynaecologists, Special Educators, Paediatric Physiotherapists and Nutritionists – all under one roof. Caring Minds conducts psychometric assessments, detailed diagnosis, and counselling for all ages. A holistic and inclusive approach ensures health and care for everyone. To know more, visit