PATTON delivers customer value through a wide array of hygienic, robust and customized plastics products. Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. PATTON manufactures plastic storage tanks that assists consumers in conserving this precious resource for storage and consumption.


  • PATTON water storage tanks are made of 100% food grade plastic that conforms to USFDA standards that helps the water to retain its original characteristic over a period of time.
  • Advanced technology is used to prepare the tanks in one piece so that there are no joints. This prevents leakage and longevity of the tanks.
  • Inlet and outlet ports are located of flat surfaces which eliminate possibilities of leakage.
  • The tanks are available in various colours and are odour and fungus free.
  • We have launched a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, newly designed product which is being manufactured by our fully computerized 4-arm machine.
  • Our tank lids are uniquely designed to provide air-tight protection from foreign particles like dust, insects etc. and prevent contamination by airbourne bacteria and viruses.
  • An unique inclusion of underground water storage tanks is that they are specially designed to resist earth pressure and thereby ensure no leakage of water.

PATTON also makes :

* Chemical Tank *  Insulated Tank   *  Septic Tank   *  Natural Fibre Composite Tank

( We also manufacture as per ISI standard - IS:12701/96 )