PATTON-Stamping Product - Nail Strap  PATTON-Stamping Product  PATTON-Stamping Product  One Hole Strap

PATTON also manufactures the following Stamping Products : 

Patton-Other Stamping - Reducing Bushing

  • Conduit Hanger (UL Approved)
  • Beam Clamp (UL Approved)
  • C-Clamp
  • One Hole Strap (UL Approved)
  • Two Hole Strap (UL Approved)
  • Romex Connector
  • EMT Nail Straps (UL Approved)
  • CBS
  • Two Piece Clamp Connectors
  • Fender Washer
  • Ruducing Washer (UL Approved)
  • Ceiling Box Support
  • Fish Wire
  • Cover for Conduit Bodies with set In Screws
  • Hex, Square Panel Nuts

  • And much more ....