PATTON Rigid PVC/CPVC/HDPE/SWR Pipes are manufactured with the latest German technology. Compared to Conventional G.I./C.I. pipes, PATTON PVC/CPVC/HDPE/SWR pipes have certain benefits which are as below :

  • Non-corrosive and immune to galvanic or electrolyte erosion.
  • Low thermal conductivity, maintains uniform temperature in transporting fluids.
  • Compared to metals, it is much lighter in weight, therefore easy to install and the cost of installation is also very less.
  • Fire resistant/self extinguishing.
  • Smoother inner surface which reduces friction, resulting in better flow of water.
  • Hygienic and provides safe drinking water.
  • Long-lasting, free from weakness caused by scale formation, rusting weather and chemical actions.