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Having more than 75% of market share in the stamped locknut market, PATTON is already catering to most locknut requirements in all varieties. For the past 25 years we have been continuously serving the electrical trade needs, gearing up to any quantity requirements asked for.

PATTON has a well equipped, modern press shop with Press machines upto 800 tons capacity. These Presses are run with multi cavity Progressive toolings and high speed pneumatic feeders for continuous operation. An In-house tool room enables sufficient tooling to ensure continuous round the clock production and to meet customer specified requirements. Over 50 numbers of bent-axis tapping machines are specially designed to handle large volume locknut tapping requirements.

We manufacture all sizes of Locknuts from stamped steel and are the pioneers in manufacturing 5” and 6” locknuts.

PATTON is proud to be the One-Stop Shop for full range of locknuts :

  • Steel Regular (Non UL)
  • Steel UL (Heavy and Light)
  • Steel Sealing (UL)
  • Steel Extruded
  • Steel Grounding (Regular and UL)
  • Aluminium Locknut (Regular and UL).